Bachmann: Pay for Unemployment Benefits, Not Tax Cuts

Brushing aside President Obama’s Rose Garden salvo, the newly-minted Chair of the House Tea Party Caucus, told me on "GMA" that Congress must pay for extending unemployment benefits, but tax cuts should be free.

"I think we need to be paying for all the spending that’s going on," she said. "But when people can keep more of their own money that shouldn’t be considered a cost."

Mike Pence is the only member of the GOP leadership to sign on with the Tea Party Caucus. Others seem worried about bringing the Tea Party into the House. But Bachmann dismissed the concern when I asked her about it.

“Most of the people that came to Washington to rallies and to town hall meetings across the country are just trying to get the attention of Congress to say ‘Would you please stop spending money that you don’t have. Because the money is our money,’” she said

It was a polished performance. Watch it here.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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