Carly Fiorina: Trying to Have Immigration Both Ways?

With President Obama set to give a major speech on immigration today – Carly Fiorina did not back down on her support for the Arizona tough immigration law, even though she also says it is not right for her own state.

She told me on "Good Morning America" she thinks that unlike the president, the Arizona law is constitutional.

“It is less onerous than federal immigration law, it is certainly less onerous then the immigration laws in Mexico, or virtually any other country,” she said. “I think sadly the people of Arizona felt they had no choice but to protect their citizens.”

But on some other issues you see a careful balancing act from Fiorina as she moves from the primary to the general.

Yesterday the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passed a measure that would lift the liability cap on BP. Fiorina’s opponent, who is chair of the committee, supports it – but Fiorina wouldn’t say whether she does too.

“I said BP should pay for all of the clean-up costs, whatever that turns out to be and clearly $20 billion is way above the original cap,” Fiorina told me.

“I think it’s probably unfair to ask BP to pay for the workers that have no longer have work given the president’s ban on off-shore drilling which a federal judge has now challenged,” she said.

In California more than 200,000 unemployed are about to lose their benefits unless Congress acts to extend aid. Fiorina said if she was in the Senate she would not vote for the stalled bill “the way it is put together today.”

“Why can’t we put forward a bill that does nothing but extend unemployment benefits? Why do we put all these other things on top of it so we have a deficit busting, yet again, another deficit busting bill,” Fiorina said.

Click here to see my interview with Fiorina, and watch my full analysis below:

-- George Stephanopoulos

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