Carville: Dems Need 'Father, Son and Holy Ghost' to Keep House

On Sunday Robert Gibbs said the Republicans could win the House back this November – a move that James Carville referred to as “brilliant” this morning.

“You are not just casting the vote here, these guys will actually take charge. I thought that was very smart of Robert to do that…not to sugar coat,” Carville told me on “GMA.”

The latest ABC News/ Washington Post poll found that 51 percent would rather have the Republicans in charge of Congress. Republican strategist Nicolle Wallace wasn’t surprised – she said the American people don’t approve of the Obama’s agenda.

“I think it confirms what people long suspected which is while some people still like Obama personally, I think that’s where the approval numbers come from, they want desperately now to put the breaks on his agenda,” Wallace said.

So do the Democrats stand a chance at keeping control of Congress? Carville said if the job numbers improve and Democrats remind voters that there are consequences to elections, they stand a chance.

“[Democrats] never say they have a strategy. There is a plan in place, it might not be working as fast as you want, the republicans are blocking a lot of it, but this is what we’re doing,” Carville said. “And if [Democrats] get a sense of that they can do better than they are currently doing in this poll.”

But it wasn’t all good news for the Republicans – the poll also found that Americans trust the Democrats to handle the economy by an 8 percent margin – 42% to 34%. Likewise they also said they trusted Democrats to make the right decisions 32% to 26%.

What do Republicans do to change that number? Wallace suggested staying “laser focused.”

“What the new poll shows is the largest group of self identified independents that most polls have seen,” she said. “And I think that group is looking for commonsense, they are looking for lower taxes, they are very wary about an expanded role, size and cost of the federal government, and they are worried about the deficit.”

What do you think – who will take Congress this November? Watch my interview with Carville and Wallace and weigh in.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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