Must-Reads: Karl Rove's Mea Culpa (Sort Of)

Question of the day: Why won’t corporate America put more cash to work creating jobs? David Wessel has some answers.

Carville called the comment "brilliant," but Pelosi and her colleagues in the House are none-too-pleased with Robert Gibbs for telling the truth about what might happen in November.

Why will Specter vote for Kagan? Because she wants cameras in the courtroom. Really.

CIA made Iranian spy a millionaire – five times over. But can Amiri access the cash from Tehran?

First victory for General Petraeus.

Who’s on Issa’s list? Congressman discovers Countrywide “VIP Loan” program went beyond Dodd and Conrad in the Senate. And how will new House investigation affect the midterms?

Mea Culpa (sort of) from Karl Rove.

On his recent trip to “GMA,” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu admonished me for questioning whether this latest diplomatic flurry would yield fruit. Isabel Kershner’s reporting suggests that skepticism was justified.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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