Must-Reads: Gibbs Firing Up Troops? Or Preparing For Defeat?

Is Gibbs firing up the troops or laying groundwork for defeat?

Warning of fiscal "cancer," debt chairs put cards on the table. Bowles says neither growth, spending cuts or tax increases will work on their own. Solution must have all three. Will his colleagues agree?

Can Kevin Spacey make “master of the universe” seem warm?

Are small investors now convinced the game is rigged against them? Roger Potyk: "Over the last five years or so, I find that our financial institutions have no shred of the character…"

John Harwood outlines the choice before Congress this summer. Would Obama team trade delay in top rate tax increase for extension of unemployment benefits? Should they?

Mary Anastasia O’Grady argues that Oliver Stone is wrong about Hugo Chavez and the press.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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