Whitman For White House?

She never thought about it. At least that's what Meg Whitman told me this morning on "GMA."

Instead the former eBay CEO, now running for governor of California, said she wants to concentrate on lowering the 12.3% unemployment rate in California – which translates to about 2.25 million people out of work.

“Knowing about what conditions are required for small businesses to grow and thrive, knowing how to balance a budget, bring people together, get things done,” she said. “I’ve run a very large organization and I think that knowledge of jobs and the economy is just what California needs.”

The candidate, who is running against democrat Jerry Brown, said she supports extending all of the Bush era tax cuts that are set to expire at the end of the year.

“I do not think this is the right time to be raising taxes on anyone. And we should be making sure we are nurturing this recovery, not cutting it short,” Whitman said.

California should also enact targeted tax cuts, streamline regulation and push for further economic development, Whitman said.

The 10 year eBay veteran dismissed criticism from her opponent who has said she lacks the government experience necessary to run the most populous state in the country.

“Well actually two or three years ago he said that experience didn’t matter for the job of governor,” Whitman fired back.

Instead she pointed to her experience at eBay as the reason Californians should elect her, telling me that the state needs to compete for small businesses, not put its “head in the sand.”

“What eBay became on the internet was the platform for small business. Hundreds of thousands of individuals made most if not all of their living selling on e-bay. So I saw exactly what was required for small business to grow and thrive,” she said. “And if California is going to be let out of this recession, it is going to have to be let out by small business.”

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-- George Stephanopoulos

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