Sen. Bennet Appreciates Obama's Help, Not Sure He Wants Him Back

The Colorado senate primary pinned President Obama-backed Sen. Michael Bennet against Bill Clinton’s candidate, Andrew Romanoff. Bennet, who as he put it had never run for “dog catcher” before, took the nomination last night by six points. But when I asked him if he wants Obama campaigning for him in Colorado before November he hesitated.

“We will have to see. We will obviously do what’s right for the campaign,” Bennet told me. “He has been a huge help and I appreciate his endorsement and we’ll see what happens between now and November.”

“That’s not a yes,” I asked.

“I just won the primary about six minutes ago so we’re going to have to give it some thought,” Bennet replied.

Last night RSCC chairman Sen. John Cornyn released a statement that “there’s no doubt that Bennet will now attempt to distance himself from his party leaders in Washington, his liberal record in support of wasteful spending and bigger government bureaucracy speaks for itself.”

Bennet dismissed Cornyn’s charge saying he has spent his career helping distressed companies, not in Washington.

“I would put my business experience up against any Republicans’ that’s in the United States Senate,” he said.

A vote Bennet my face before November -- whether to extend the Bush tax cuts. The Senator said he is inclined to not extend them for the wealthiest because “we can’t afford it.”

“I’m the father of 3 little girls that are 10, 9 and 6 and I can tell you this, fiscal policy that relies on cutting taxes for the very wealthiest Americans, the people who need the tax cuts the least, borrowing money from the Chinese and forcing our kids to pay those taxes is not a fiscal policy that people of Colorado are interested in pursuing,” he told me.

Watch my interview with Bennet here:

-- George Stephanopoulos

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