Geithner: Elizabeth Warren an 'Effective Advocate for Reform'

A few interesting pieces of information that we did not have time to air on "GMA" this morning. The tension between Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and a possible nominee to head the new consumer advocate agency, Elizabeth Warren, has been widely reported. Geithner has said Warren would be a fine choice – but I asked him if she was his choice. “I want to say this very clearly. She I think would be a very effective, very capable leader of that new entity because she, more than almost anybody else in the country, was early and strong in pointing out the need for better consumer protection,” he told me. Last week brought disappointing news for the administration – economic growth slowed to a mere 2.4 percent. Geithner said while “parts of the economy are still very hard, very tough,” there are positive signs. “Business investment was up 20 percent in the second quarter, very strong despite what some people say is concerned about uncertainty, a lot of strong investment,” he told me. “You're seeing hours increase, people bringing back hours. And private job-- sector job growth is increasing.” Watch the Web extra clips from my interview with Geithner here:

-- George Stephanopoulos

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