Kendrick Meek 'Guarantees' He Did Not Agree to Quit Florida Senate Race

Lots of smoke out in that story Politico broke about Bill Clinton trying to get Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, but Meek insisted this morning that there is no fire.

"I'll tell you this George, I never told President Clinton or any of his staffers…or Charlie Crist or anyone else that I was going to get out of the race," he told me on "GMA."

"I guarantee you that I did not say I am getting out of the race," he said.

And if Democrats were subtly trying to help Charlie Crist by leaking the story now, Meek offered them no comfort.

"Charlie Crist is a Republican. And he became an Independent, and he is against comprehensive health care reform, he is against a woman’s right to choose. He is for offshore oil drilling," Meek said. "I don’t see myself handing anything to anybody. It is not my prerogative to do that."

Meek's in to stay. Marco Rubio is smiling.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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