Bachmann Supports Tax Cut Compromise, But Not if Tied to Unemployment Benefits

The leader of the House Tea Party Caucus said she would support a compromise on extending the Bush era tax cuts – but not if they are tied to an extension of the unemployment benefits.

“I would like to get the current tax policy extended as far into the future as we possibly can. If we can only get it extended for two years I think that is great but I don’t think that the American people should have to pay for that by having to have some new massive spending tied to it,” Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota told me. “If that’s the case I don’t think you are going to see the Republicans go along with it.”

The unemployment benefits will start expiring at the end of the month and Democrats have floated the idea of attaching an extension of the benefits to the tax cuts.

I asked Bachmann why she would support a tax cut for the wealthiest but not throw her support behind unemployment benefits – she said that Americans have misconstrued who those “wealthiest” really are.

“These are people who are carpet layers who maybe employee two or three other guys. Or a plumber maybe himself and his brother and it’s $250,000 in gross sales for the business. They’re the ones that are looking at massive tax increases,” she told me.

“This is a job killer if we raise taxes on the job creators,” she added.

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