Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama Not 'Personally Corrupt'

During the campaign, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa – the incoming chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee – told Rush Limbaugh that Obama is “one of the most corrupt Presidents in modern times.”

Today, he took it back.

When I pressed Issa on “GMA,” the Congressman said that he “tried never to make it a personal statement about the president…I am not saying that the President is personally corrupt. But his administration has to change direction particularly after tax payer money.”

Top of Issa’s list, figuring out what happened to the $700 billion in stimulus spending.

“That $700 billion is gone, we have to figure out, one, where it went and two how to keep it from going away that way again. The American people cannot afford that,” he said.

Issa also rejected any temporary extension of Bush tax cuts for wealthy.

“If anything this is wrong minded. In some ways you should say ‘Look, if you invest today we will let you get a better deal three, four, five years from now because that is how you create jobs,’” he said. “Hopefully we will come to a compromise that does allow people to make decisions beyond just this tax year.”

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--George Stephanopoulos

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