Hillary Clinton Endorses Mixed Seating at State of the Union

With an overwhelming 82% of Americans in our latest poll saying they don’t like the tone of our political discourse, many politicians are searching for ways to change it. And the proposal from Senator Mark Udall to have Republican and Democratic legislators sit together during the State of the Union picked up some support today from Hillary Clinton.

Symbolism matters, the secretary of state told me, and if she were still a sitting senator she would “absolutely” sit next to a Republican during the address.

“I think we need to be doing more of that. I also think we have to be very careful about, you know, demonizing what our political disagreements by personalizing the people who hold different views,” she said.

Clinton also offered a mea culpa.

“I think everybody in politics, as I have been, gets carried away in the in the heat of the moment from time to time. And maybe says things about the person as opposed to the policy that we would think better of the next day,” Clinton said.

The secretary of state called on everyone to commit to a civil conversation so that we can give “our children the same kind of future that we inherited when it was passed on to us by our parents and grandparents.”

Perhaps the secretary was thinking of her own family when she said that? So I asked her how she was doing on the grandmother front.

“Well, you know, I will only get in trouble however I respond to that. But let me just say, I love babies, so you know, maybe I'll have more in my life some day,” she told me.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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