Obama Disagrees with Illinois Appeals Court, Believes Rahm Emanuel Is Eligible to Run for Chicago Mayor

President Obama told me back in September that Rahm Emanuel would be a "terrific" Mayor of Chicago, and he believes that his former chief of staff is still eligible despite yesterday’s decision by an Illinois court, one of Obama’s top advisors told me on "GMA" today.

Stephanopoulos: “Rahm left to run for mayor with the President's blessing …Is it fair to assume then that the president did believe that Rahm is eligible and the appeals court is wrong?”

Valerie Jarrett: “I think that he believes that [Rahm is] eligible and I believe that he believes that Rahm will pursue his appeal in the courts. And as he said then, he thinks Rahm would make a terrific mayor.”

The Appellate court ruled that Emanuel did not meet the one year residency requirement to run for office. Emanuel is appealing the decision, with the explicit support now of the President.

“Rahm is a fighter. As you know he’ll be appealing to the Supreme Court and I’m sure he will vigorously make that case,” Jarrett said.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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