State of the Union: We Can Work With This, Sen. John McCain Said

Reducing the corporate tax rate, eliminating pork barrel spending, free trade and medical malpractice reform are a few of the laundry list of issues Sen. John McCain said he could work on with President Obama.

“There [were] a number of areas that the president has clearly shifted his opinion on,” the senator told me on “GMA.”

Free trade seems the most promising, McCain said, and he was hopeful about revisiting healthcare and medical malpractice. Last night, in a State of the Union that McCain said had a “much different feeling,” Obama signaled his willingness to revisit healthcare – just not repeal it.

So what will be the “real crunch” in the coming months? Raising the debt limit, per McCain, which he says the GOP is willing to compromise on.

“We need to get back down to at least 2008 spending. Some of us would like to see us go down to 2006. Between the last two years, discretionary spending went up some 80% if you count the stimulus package as well. We’ve got to get the spending level down,” he said.

But is McCain willing to go that far to make it happen, including cuts to education, research and infrastructure? In a word, yes.

“I am also willing to take up sooner rather than later entitlement reform. You and I could do social security reform on the back of an envelope. Medicare reform is much, much more difficult, but we really need to sit down and work. When we recognize those kinds of cuts that are going to have to be made I hope that drives more towards entitled reform,” he told me.

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