Sen. Marco Rubio: I'm Not Going to Be VP in 2012

First, he ruled out a 2012 Presidential run in his interview with Jon Karl, and this morning Sen. Marco Rubio took himself out of the 2012 Veepstakes too.

“I’m not going to be the Vice President in 2012,” he told me after I asked if he would join the ticket to help boost the GOP with the skyrocketing Hispanic vote.

But could it have been a sly evasion? After all, the statement "I’m not going to be the Vice President in 2012" would be true even if Rubio does join the ticket.

On Libya, Rubio had criticized the President for not moving more quickly to set up a no-fly zone, but he agrees with Obama on the need to think hard before moving to arm the rebels.

Stephanopoulos: "You say we have to find out more about who they are, I take it your concern is, as some U.S. officials testified before the Senate yesterday that there could be some elements of Al Qaeda in the opposition. And we’ve gone down this road before we funded insurgents in Afghanistan 20 years ago they became our enemies, the Taliban."

Rubio: "Yeah, I mean there is always a risk. There is no doubt about it, there is always a risk that people like that are going to find their way into there. I mean ultimately, I have heard it described as the bar in star wars where these kinds of characters come together. I think from the civilian side of it, the non-military, the political arm of the rebels seems to be a positive group from what we’ve seen so far. The fact that we’re engaging them is a good thing. I think if we’re engaged with them the outcome –- the likely hood of a positive outcome in terms of who they are and what they want is a lot higher."

Today’s interview was part of a national roll out for Rubio. You can watch my entire interview with him here:

-- George Stephanopoulos

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