Can Rep. Anthony Weiner Survive? It's 'Iffy' Carville Says

Whether or not Rep. Anthony Weiner’s political career can survive this scandal depends on what else – if anything – comes out.

“If the facts keep coming out more and more, and people start freaking out, he talked on the congressional phone or something like that, it’s going to be, it’s going to be iffy,” James Carville told me. “And one of the reasons is he is a talented guy, but he’s not a particularly popular guy in the caucus.”

No Democrats have publicly supported the embattled Congressman and Leader Pelosi called for an ethics investigation.

“They are really mad at him. You can just see former speaker Pelosi is furious,” Carville said.

Republicans see some hypocrisy here and say Democrats should force Weiner to resign. It didn’t take long for former Rep. Chris Lee to leave Congress after a shirtless photo of him emerged.

“[Republicans] are mighty selective,” Carville, an ABC News contributor, said. “They -- Vitter didn’t push to resign, Jon Ensign didn’t push to resign.”

“But the Democrats have certainly called for an ethics investigation which is their right to do. I – of course there is always a little hypocrisy going on in these things. I think the public is just livid at this and it just seems so distractive,” he said.

-- George Stephanopoulos

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