Donald Trump Would 'Put Country First' and Pay More Taxes

Donald Trump backed up fellow billionaire Warren Buffett’s op ed in the New York Times and said he’d be willing to pay more in taxes – but he doesn’t think Wall Street would go along with it.

“I would be willing to George, but a lot of people wouldn't be. A lot of people would leave the country. I'm talking about big people, job-producing people. Would I be willing? Yeah, I'd be willing. I’d put country first. Lot of people don't necessarily put country first,” he said.

Trump said these “unpatriotic” businessmen would take their money elsewhere leaving the U.S. with nothing.

“I deal with Wall Street all the time. I know all of them…You're going to have a mass exodus. You already have an exodus out of this country. But you're going to have a mass exodus of business out of this country when you start taxing too high,” he said.

Except when it comes to oil, and specifically OPEC. Trump says we should close the loopholes on oil companies, a position that sets him apart from many in the Tea Party.

“If you go back to certain companies, Exxon Mobil, the oil companies, for us to be subsidizing oil companies is absolutely insane. And frankly, the oil companies really facilitate OPEC. The worst abuser we have is OPEC,” he said.

“Every time the economy gets good, oil goes up…So what they do is they systematically destroy any momentum you get. Because oil should be selling at $25 to $30 a barrel right now,” Trump said.

What else does Trump want to tax? Chinese products, in order to get the country to stop manipulating their currency, he said.

“You put a 25% tax on Chinese products, products coming into this country, two things are going to happen. Number one, this country's going to take in a bundle of money,” he said. “And number two, a lot of people won't have their products made in China. They'll start being made in Alabama, in Iowa, in New York, in Texas and lots of other places.”

And if that starts a trade war? That’s okay, he says, because we shouldn’t be trading when there is such an imbalance, it’s not fair trade.

“The fact is, China is not our friend. I was asked, ‘Are they our enemy?’ I said, ‘Yeah. Actually, they're our enemy. China is our enemy.’ What they're doing to us is unbelievable.”

-- George Stephanopoulos

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