A Silent Justice Speaks Out

You can read my lengthy story based on more than seven hours of interviews with Justice Clarence Thomas over four days by clicking here.  I sat down with Justice Thomas at the Court,  at his home--where his wife Virginia also spoke on the record--and even followed the Justice and his wife to Nebraska two weeks ago for the unfortunate drubbing of the Cornhuskers (Thomas is a huge fan) by the USC Trojans.  On the record, he spoke in starkly candid terms about affirmative action, growing up in the segregated South, his confirmation battle, Anita Hill and most passionately, on the subject of race.  You can see excerpts from my interviews at starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT Monday by clicking here, and I'll have lengthy segments on Good Morning America and World News with Charles Gibson.  Then, Monday night, our most extensive television segments based on my interviews will appear on Nightline.  Over the next few days, I'll be posting what Justice Thomas told me about his views of the law, the Court and the Justice he most admires. So,watch this space.

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