GOP Targets Clinton-Obama Rift

From ABC's Rick Klein, author of The Note: It must be a fun time to be a Republican in Denver this week.

There’s that swanky war room set up down the street from the Pepsi Center. There’s the fun slogan: "Not Ready '08: A Mile High, an Inch Deep." There's knowing that you’re dining out on Democratic dollars this week.

And no one is having more fun playing with (and maybe overplaying) the Clinton-Obama drama than GOPers. The Republican National Committee on Monday is hosting a "Happy Hour for Hillary," only too pleased to capitalize on lingering tensions between the two camps.

Now comes this ad, from the RNC's independent expenditure arm, set to run in Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin through the weekend:

ANNOUNCER: “Who has the experience to govern our nation?”

Sen. Clinton: “Senator McCain will bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign. I will bring a lifetime of experience. And Senator Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002.”

ANNNOUNCER: “Barack Obama. He gives a great speech. But Americans must ask ourselves: should we elect the most inexperienced presidential candidate of our times? Or was she right? The Republican National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

Technically, because this is placed by the RNC’s independent expenditure arm (it’s a loophole in campaign-finance law both parties exploit), this ad couldn’t be designed or placed in coordination with the RNC itself, or the McCain campaign.

Not that it takes that much imagination to use Clinton’s words against Obama . . .

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