Chelsea Evening

Finally, the world gets to hear Chelsea Clinton's voice.

ABC's Kate Snow is reporting that Chelsea Clinton, the 28-year-old only child of the New York Senator and former President, will introduce her mother tonight, according to a Clinton source.

The former First Daughter has been famously shielded from the press, beginning with her childhood years in the White House and continuing through her 20s as she campaigned for her mother in this year's bruising primary battle but never spoke on the record to reporters.  She appeared at several town meetings, taking questions from voters, including one who famously asked her about her father's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. But the next generation Clinton has largely avoided political speaking engagements.

Save for a few short sound bites, Chelsea's voice has been unheard by most Americans.

First, we were told that Chelsea Clinton would narrate a short biographical video on her mother, before New York Senator steps out on stage for her speech.

And then we were told an unnamed mystery guest would introduce Sen. Clinton.

And finally, Chelsea was spotted with her mother on the convention stage this afternoon, during the walk-throughs where speakers get acclimated with the surroundings.

Chelsea Clinton's appearance would be the second surprise, unscheduled guest on the Democrats' convention agenda, starting with Ted Kennedy last night. Who might the Dems spring on us tomorow?

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