Terry Mac: I Hope Obama's a Fighter

6:35 pm MT: On ABC NewsNOW, Sam Donaldson and I just interviewed former Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe about the convention and Sen. Hillary Clinton's speech -- and he's promising a feisty address tonight that brings Sen. John McCain's name into the mix several times.

And -- echoing the Carville Critique -- he said three times that convention speakers should be attacking McCain's record "every night."

"I think every night we should be doing this," he said, calling it a "vicious, tough race."

Asked if Obama can "float above" the attacks and leave the dirty work to his running mate and surrogates, McAuliffe said no.

"I hope he doesn't feel he's that kind of person because the Republicans will have no illusions about using his name and distorting his reputation every single day," he said. "And I think John Kerry learned a very valuable point in 2004: the public is smart; if you don't defend yourself, you sure as heck aren't going to defend them. And they're going to come at him hard so we all need to be doing it. You gotta defend yourself."

He said negotations are continuing between the Obama and Clinton camps regarding the logistics of Wednesday's roll call but stressed that the Obama team is control of the details -- and said both Clintons are fully on board for him.

"Her speech, Bill Clinton's speech tomorrow - boom - we're there," he said.

Asked about the possibility of Clinton serving in the Cabinet, McAuliffe added: "Never. Won't Happen. She loves the Senate." But he said another White House run for Clinton was always possible -- after, he said, Obama' serves two terms, and assuming Vice President Biden doesn't want to run in 2016.

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