Nancy Reagan 'Very Impressed' by Obama, Ron jr Says

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan is not attending this week’s Republican convention but her son, Ron, is.’s Tammy Haddad and her TamCam caught up with the son of the Republican icon.  You can watch it HERE and hear Reagan describe his mother’s fondness for the current Democratic nominee.

“John McCain and my mother have known each for years and years. Her parents, and Cindy McCain’s parents go way back in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s grateful to John McCain for standing with her on the issue of stem cells and, of course, has officially endorsed him. She’s fine with John McCain, as I said, they’ve been friends for a long time."

“I can tell you though that she’s also very impressed with Barack Obama...she’s just impressed by his demeanor, is not just that he’s an eloquent guy and a guy who gives a good speech, a lot of people said that about my father too. But she sees through that. She’s been around a long time and she looks at Barack Obama and she sees the words, hears the words and she perceives character there. She thinks this is a good guy, a guy who means well and is a strong character,” Reagan said.

And Ron, who has rarely shared the political perspective of his parents, had this to say about Sarah Palin, “Sarah Palin is in no way qualified to be vice president or certainly president. John McCain is a 72 year old cancer survivor, not just any cancer, melanoma. Not just any melanoma, melanoma above the neck. It was his obligation to choose somebody who could realistically step into the big chair and Sarah Palin is not that person.”

Haddad, always quick with the follow up, added: “What does your mom think of her?

But on that one, Reagan did not have a comment from his mother. “I haven’t spoken to her about Sarah Palin. I have no idea.”

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