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Things I will be looking for today, and am asking for your help: How many people can you see in the audience who have run for president and lost? I am using a loose definition, so Tom Vilsack is a correct answer. Please send in sightings!!!! Also, using Ashton and Demi as a sort of celebrity over/under, I am keeping track of celebrity sightings. But I would like to sort them in two groups: more famous that Ashton and Demi, and less famous. ABC's Jake Tapper sighted Denzel Washington in the elite podium seating area; he lands north of Ashton/Demi. Again, please send in your sightings. ABC's television coverage is just getting underway, and I offer you this exclusive insight on the subject of inauguration fashion. From a source close to Charlie Gibson's tie, that tie is described as: "salmony/pinkish with thin blue and silver stripes going diagonally across it." The designer is Robert Talbott.

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