Want to Buy Lehman? Head to eBay

ABC News' Alice Gomstyn reports: Just because Lehman Brothers has filed for bankruptcy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still own a little piece of the fading brokerage firm -- and I’m not talking about stocks. Everything from hats to softball jerseys to tote bags to cigar humidors, all emblazoned with the Lehman Brothers name, are now up for auction on -- where else? -- eBay.

So far, a Lehman Brothers logo tie and one of the humidors have fetched some of the highest bids: $102.50 and $203.50, respectively.

A source inside Lehman tells me that he and his co-workers -- none of  whom would cop to posting the items online -- have had a good chuckle about the auctions.

But not everyone is laughing. One of the eBay sellers is peddling a Lehman Brothers “Operating Principles Cube," a block that lists company tenets such as “Demonstrating smart risk management.”

In the product’s description, the seller wrote, “I wish management listened to the same things on this cube! Then my good friends  ...  talented people wouldn't be out of a job.”

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