Searching for a New Job? You’re Not Alone

ABC News’ Scott Mayerowitz reports: In a down economy, most workers lucky enough to still have a job would not be looking to switch companies, right?

Maybe not.

Apparently a lot of workers are trying to be proactive and have another job lined up in case they are the next to be fired.

“Employers are underestimating how many employees are looking for jobs in this economy by nearly a ratio of 2 to 1,” said Nick Camelio, senior vice president for human resources at “There’s definitely a breakdown in what employers believe employees are doing.” surveyed 7,141 employees and 363 human resources professionals asking about workplace happiness and job retention.

The result: bosses have no clue how busy their employees are searching for work elsewhere.

“There are a lot of companies out where the employer says: we don’t have to worry about employee retention right now in a down market because employees should just be glad they have jobs,” Camelio said.

Apparently, that’s not true.

The survey showed that about 63 percent of employees admitted to looking for a new job. Employers estimated only 41 percent were looking.

There was also a gap in job satisfaction. The bosses guessed that 77 percent of their worker bees were happy. In reality: only 65 percent considered themselves “at least somewhat satisfied in their jobs.”

This all might seem moot to folks who have recently been laid off and are struggling to pay their mortgage, buy food and just enjoy a night out. But says it’s important information for employers to know so that they can keep the talent they have left.

After a layoff, the surviving employees are “now in a situation where they are thinking: am I next? My survival is key,” Camelio said.

So the bottom line: if you’re an employer, it’s to step it up and not take your remaining workers for granted. And if you are a diligent worker bee, well, you’re not alone in sending out those resumes and cover letters. Good luck!

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