Tom Lantos's Legacy

We learned today that Representative Tom Lantos- the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress passed away at age 80.  Lantos was also a super delegate supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Upon hearing the news, co-anchor Terry Moran wrote this in an email to our political unit.

Terry Moran Reports:

It is true his legacy goes beyond this campaign: Tom Lantos was a statesman of the old school--one of the truly great advocates for human rights in the US Congress, a founder of the Human Rights Caucus and a reliable ally for human-rights activists around the world.

Except, perhaps, in the Palestinian Territories, where critics claim he overlooked Israel's human-rights abuses. He may not have been completely pure. No one is. But the world is probably a more just place because Tom Lantos was in it--and that's a pretty good legacy to leave behind. 

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