Tony Hawk Twitterview Post-White House Shred

Skateboard legend; family man; video game star; a mega-brand unto himself. Forty-one-year-old Tony Hawk fits all of the above.

Today, he rode the halls of the White House after receiving an invitation to a Father’s Day event from President Obama. A cool honor for a very cool guy. And he Tweeted about it all the way.

Tonight, he will be featured in a “Nightline” profile by correspondent Neal Karlinsky. And the two set up the show just a few minutes ago with a Twitterview.

It went a little something like this:

NealKarlinsky: @Tonyhawk A quick Twitterview if u please. So, did you leave any marks behind while shredding in the White House?

Tonyhawk: @NealKarlinsky haha no, but I was trying to get one good skating picture on the way out and I got shut down

NealKarlinsky: @Tonyhawk we know he can shoot hoops, but does POTUS have game on the board?

Tonyhawk: @NealKarlinsky I didn't get to ask, but he did apologize for not having any ramps to skate on the grounds during our brief chat.

NealKarlinsky: @Tonyhawk at home w/ u for we saw a pretty normal family guy who couldn't believe his good fortune. Now WH. All from board. Message to kids?

Tonyhawk: @NealKarlinsky believe in yourself especially if you are doing something different. Follow your passion, work hard at it and you'll be happy

NealKarlinsky: @Tonyhawk thanks Tony. I'll leave u to enjoy your night and rest up for @nightline. Any last advice for aging boarders?!

Tonyhawk: @NealKarlinsky buy some pads and get out there! Just go at your own pace and enjoy the ride.

We’ll see if Neal takes him up on the challenge. Tune in tonight for the full report.

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