Obama & Alito Star in Political Theater

A quick heads up about this Reporter's Notebook from Terry Moran on ABCNews.com on a topic generating quite a bit of political buzz today.

It's an assessment of the showdown between President Obama and Justice Samuel Alito, a moment during last night’s State of the Union address after the president openly bashed the court’s recent decision on campaign finance.

"It wasn’t exactly “YOU LIE!” – Rep. Joe Wilson’s (in-)famous outburst at the president last year,” Terry writes. “But it was exceptional, and for those of us who are fascinated by our constitutional traditions and norms, it was a riveting moment and, perhaps, a sign of the times.”

And for the opinionated among you, Terry does buttress the statement with a relevant history of decorum between the executive and judicial branches

Here’s the moment everyone is talking about:

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