Southwest Picks Wrong Fat Guy in Kevin Smith

Looks like Southwest Airlines may have picked the wrong fat guy.

Kevin Smith, the film director behind "Clerks," "Mallrats" and others and the actor who played Silent Bob, was asked off a Southwest Airlines flight this weekend between San Francisco and Burbank for taking up more than one seat, in the airline's opinion, thereby threatening the safety of the flight.

The two sides of the dispute are described here by Smith in a (classically Kevin Smith) Smodcast and here in a Southwest Airlines press release entitled "Not So Silent Bob."

Smith, admittedly fat but not "that fat," typically buys two tickets when he flies Southwest Airlines for comfort. This time, trying to fly standby on an earlier flight, he was forced to fit (unsuccessfully, according to the airline's assessment) in just one.

The Southwest "Customer of Size" policy, instituted 25 years ago, deems any customer who "cannot comfortably lower the armrest," according to the pilot's assessment, unfit to fly.

Complicating the issue has been a Twitter play-by-play -- including the photo above -- turned back-and-forth between @ThatKevinSmith and his 1.6-million followers and @SouthwestAir and their 1 million followers.

Southwest Airlines has apologized, but it doesn't look like Kevin Smith is anywhere close to finished expressing his outrage from his massive platform.

A report from Yunji de Nies, who filed for "World News" last night, may be in the works.

UPDATE: A report from Yunji de Nies is in the works.


UPDATE 2: Here's last night's report on this touchy subject:

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