Food Revolution: Jamie Oliver in West Virginia

Quick preview of the Vicki Mabrey/Sarah Rosenberg segment scheduled to lead tonight’s show – an exclusive look at “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” with the British-born “Naked Chef” himself.

In his new reality show, which will air on ABC, Oliver heads to Huntington, West Virginia, a place with the dubious title of most unhealthy city in America – in a country where two in three are overweight. His plan is to start a cooking initiative he hopes will shape up residents and shake off the unflattering reputation.

Oliver also discusses with Mabrey the challenge of being a “foreign invader” trying to battle obesity on American turf.

In November 2009, Vicki did the report embedded below, “Fat Town, Fit Town,” which looked at life in Huntington compared to life in Burlington, Vermont, named in the same survey the nation’s healthiest place.

A note, Oliver has appeared in our "Playlist" series before -- you can find his recipes HERE.

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