Phoebe Prince & Bullying in Small-town USA

By now, you've likely seen the tragic story of Phoebe Prince and her suicide's combustible aftermath.

The plan for tonight is a report from Andrea Canning about the case. She's in Massachusetts today as three of the nine suspects charged last week in connection with Prince's bullying death were scheduled for arraignment (though no court appearance is required).

It all went down at South Hadley High School in a quiet part of Western Massachusetts were the culture of teen bullying became so bad for Prince, an Irish immigrant new to school dating an older boy, that she took her own life.

While the case has reignited the conversation about bullying in America's schools, particularly in the digital age, it has also raised questions and criticisms about the vigilance of the educators and parents nearest the situation.

Click HERE for the March 29 report, the day the nine teenagers were indicted -- charges that generated quite a controversy.

Embedded below is a Yunji de Nies "GMA" report from January 25, when the small-town case was just starting to draw national attention -- a story that could happen too easily in so many similar communities.

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