Would You Pay $45 for Your Carry-On?

Fees. Extras. Surcharges.

Call them what you want -- nickle-and-diming is nothing new when it comes to the struggling airline industry.

But discount carrier Spirit Airlines announced a plan today that is an eye-opening first.

Bag fees are nothing new, but charging up to $45 for carry-on luggage?

Starting August 1, that's the policy. Read all the details yourself in the Spirit Airline press release .

CEO Ben Baldanza says the change, which will not apply to "personal items" that can fit beneath the seat, will ease boarding and deplaning and help preserve discount base fares.

Tonight, we ask: Will passengers buy that logic? Or take their carry-ons to another carrier?

Tell us what you think.

Here is a story we did last May about Spirit, highlighting their remarkably cheap fares and the many complaints they receive.<.p>

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