For-Profit Colleges Under Investigation

America’s for-profit colleges are under fire.

Enrollment is up at these schools, which include The University of Phoenix and DeVry University, but a recent government undercover investigation of 15 for-profit schools found that all 15 of these institutions engaged in deceptive practices and at four of them recruiters encouraged fraud.

“It was an outright lie, a bold face lie,” said Melissa Dalmier, who was told that a University of Phoenix associates degree would allow her to teach in Illinois.

ABC News and Chris Cuomo have been investigating The University of Phoenix, where a recruiter encouraged our undercover producer to take out the maximum loan amount, and gave him incorrect information about his ability to teach if he completed a University of Phoenix bachelor's degree

Check out Cuomo’s report from “GMA” above and tune into Nightline tonight for the full story.

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