Air Pelosi Quiz

So....THE BROUHAHA about the request by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to use a larger military plane than the one afforded her predecessor, perhaps even a large luxurious C-32, is attributable to: a) 100% security concerns, the person second in line in presidential succession needs a secure way to travel and having to stop and re-fuel, as is the case with the C-20 used by former Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Illinois, makes her more vulnerable; b) an Armani-clad San Francisco liberal diva in the Speaker's chair; c) the conservative attack machine, aided by the same nefarious Pentagon sources who repeatedly would leak damaging information about former President Bill Clinton; d) the fact that Pelosi and her aides don't know anything about military aircraft, otherwise they would have simply requested the C-37-A, which is the same size as the C-20 but can make it nonstop from DC to the Bay Area; e) the fact that the one mission of the folks in the House minority is to become the House majority; f) some very shoddy "too good to check" reporting; g) a combination of the above. Discuss. -- jt

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