Interesting Romney and Edwards Clips

On Friday at the Lake Miona Regional Recreation Center in the GOP stronghold The Villages, Florida, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney faced down an anti-Mormon voter. You can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.Voter: "You, sir, are a pretender. You don't know the Lord. You are a Mormon."(BOOS)

Romney: (Chuckling) "Let me, uh, let me offer just a thought. And that is, uh, one of the great things about this great land, is we have people of different faiths and different persuasions. And uh, I'm convinced that the nation, that the nation does need, the nation does need to have people of different faiths but we need to have a person of faith lead the country."


That same day, on Friday's Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC, was asked by Maher (VIDEO HERE):

"Alright, let me ask you about your vote in 2002, the vote to authorize George Bush to at least have the authority to go to war. Uh, your response to that was to write an editorial which began with the words 'I was wrong,' words you don’t usually hear from a politician. Uh, Hillary Clinton says, 'I was misled.' So, what’s the difference between 'I was wrong' and 'I was misled?'"Edwards' response:"Uh, 'I was wrong' means – I’m only speaking for me – means that I take responsibility for making a serious mistake on a vote that was probably the most important vote I cast in the United States Senate. Uh, I think we desperately need, uh, leaders in this country who will admit when they were wrong, we’re all human, all of us make mistakes. Admit when we’re wrong, change course, take responsibility, uh, for being wrong. I don’t think you can have, uh, the foundation for leadership, the moral foundation for leadership, if you don’t start by telling the truth. And, at least for me, this is the truth." (APPLAUSE)What do you think?

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