"Swift-boating David Iglesias"?

Last week on World News with Charles Gibson, we played a brief sample of a radio ad run by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee against Rep. Heather Wilson, R-NM. Ousted U.S. Attorney David Iglesias has accused Wilson of asking inappropriate questions about sealed indictments regarding an investigation. The ad even included Iglesias's testimony.

You can hear that DCCC ad HERE

Today a group called "New Mexicans for Honest Courts" began running a radio ad in that state against Iglesias. Linda Chavez Krumland, a Wilson donor and a delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention,  is listed as the chairman of this group. Liberal bloggers are referring to this ad as "Swift-boating David Iglesias."

You can listen to the "New Mexicans for Honest Courts" ad HERE.

The script reads: "Former US Attorney David Iglesias wonders why he was fired. He says it was politics. Well, let's look at the facts.

"Iglesias brags he won a huge corruption case but he cut sweetheart deals with those involved and then lost 23 of 24 counts at trial.


"In 2004, three thousand suspect voter registration forms turned up. But Iglesias did nothing even when a crack dealer was busted with them -- and even when political operatives took the Fifth and refused to testify about their fraud. David Iglesias just looked the other way. No wonder a criminal defense lawyer just praised him. He let her client walk.

"While he looked the other way on fraud, Iglesias did prosecute a girl for putting bubble gum on a speeding ticket. And he did find time to take dozens of taxpayer-funded junkets around the world. Meanwhile his own prosecutors criticized him. And a former state supreme court judge publicly called him an ingrate.

"Now Iglesias is even trying to play the race card. David Iglesias. He still can't figure out why he was fired. C'mon David, isn't it obvious?"

-- jpt

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