Is Obama offended by "Barack the Magic Negro"?

As you may recall from a PREVIOUS POST OF POLITICAL PUNCH, Rush Limbaugh has been playing a parody song "Barack the Magic Negro," which refers to a Los Angeles Times oped by a liberal writer poking fun at the liberal view of a "magic negro" and whether or not Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, fits into this mythical non-threatening construct.

On Wednesday, May 2, in an interview with Paul W. Smith of WJR Radio in Detroit, Obama responded."I have to do this because Rush is on our radio station," Smith said. "We're going to see him tomorrow. You've heard the parody song 'Barack the "Magic Negro"'"?

"You know, I have not heard it but I've heard of it," Obama said. "I confess that I don't listen to Rush on a daily basis. On the other hand, I'm not one of these people who, who takes myself so seriously that I get offended by -- by every -- every comment made about me. You know, the -- you know, what Rush does is entertainment, and although it's probably not something that I listen to much, I don't -- "

"But you said not every day, so you do listen a little then, and why wouldn't you?" Smith interrupted.

"I don't mind, I don't mind, I don't mind folks poking fun at me," Obama said. "That's part of the job."You can listen to the audio of this interview HERE, the remarks come toward the end of the interview.

Quoth the Limbaugh: "This is a classy way to deal with it. This is the way he should have dealt with it if anyone asked. It's the first time he's, probably, been asked about it, but this is the way for these guys to deal with it. Blow it off. Laugh it off. 'No big deal.'"

What say you guys?--jpt

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