Rudy on the Terror Arrests

Campaigning in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Saturday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that "today’s arrests remind us that we’re at war. 

"The reality is over the last couple of weeks we’ve had two now major arrests of people who were organizing to attack in America and to attack Americans.  The first one was at Fort Dix, the second was at Kennedy airport," said Giuliani, who in no small way is staking his candidacy on his perceived strength on national security issues in light of his performance during the 9/11 attacks.

"It should remind us that the terrorists are at war with us both overseas and here in the United States.  Sometimes I know this is a different kind of war so it’s sometimes hard to focus on.  But the reality is that today’s arrests remind me of the fact that we have to stay on offense against terrorists. 

"I believe that the FBI and police and United States attorney who uncovered this case, much like the United States attorney in New Jersey and the FBI and police there, these are people who are on offense against terrorism.  They are looking for this.  In the past, before Sept. 11, they weren’t on offense, because we hadn’t had the attack of Sept. 11, so hindsight does help here."

Giuliani, clearly alluding to the Democratic presidential candidates, added that, "The reality is that there are people in America who don’t realize now how serious this threat is, and, you know, we have to remain on offense.  It may also make it clear to us that this terrorist war against us, or our being on offense against them, is not just a political issue for one side or the other, it’s a reality that we live with we’re going to live with for quite some time. 

"So that we have to remain on offense, we need things like the PATRIOT Act, we need things like electronic surveillance. It has to be legal, but we need it.  We need things like interrogation techniques to get information from people -- legal again, but it has to be aggressive.  These are the things that keep us safe in a world where there are more than a few people organized around Islamic terrorists who want to harm us and to kill us."

What do you think? Does Hizzoner have it right?

-- jpt, with an assist from Jan Simmonds

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