More on That Anti-Romney Iowa TV ad

As we reported on the blog yesterday, a group calling itself American Right to Life Action, is running TV ads against Mitt Romney here in Iowa on the Fox News Channel.

In Tuftonboro, N.H., Romney said about the ad, from ABC News' Matt Stuart, "I don't know who that is. I'd be interested to know who is really behind that group. I'm very proud that the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, which is the premier right-to-life group in Massachusetts, awarded me their leadership award. My record in being pro-life is very clear as the governor of Massachusetts and my guess is that there is some group that is pulling for another candidate and is trying to find some way to go after me and that is just the nature of politics."

Just got off the phone with Steve Curtis -- former chair of the Colorado Republican party -- who's the president of American Right to Life Action. He says the organization is not supporting any candidate, though his personal preference would be for Alan Keyes. He doesn't particularly like Mike Huckabee, either, he says. Or, obviously, Rudy Giuliani. He has no views of Fred Thompson other than he enjoyed his work on "Law & Order."

The group was formed in November during a summit in Denver with about 30 different anti-abortion leaders who are dissatisfied with the National Right to Life Committee. "Most of what they do isn't pro-life," Curtis says. He believes NRLC's push to pursue restrictions on abortion rights -- waiting periods, for example -- is a flawed policy.

"They're too political and not serious enough about the issue of abortion," Curtis says. "They support child-killing regulation bills." Curtis says "so long as the legislation ends with 'then you can kill a baby'" he thinks such restrictions are pro-abortion.

What does his group have against Mitt Romney? The former Massachusetts governor says he's changed his mind and now opposes abortion rights just like President Ronald Reagan and former Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill -- what's wrong with that explanation?

"The problem is he keeps changing back," Curtis says. "He flips and flops. What he says on the issue depends on where he's at and who he's talking to. We just flat-out don't believe the guy."

Curtis says the anti-Romney ad ran 192 times here on Fox News Channel in Iowa, at a cost of $12,000. They may triple that ad buy.

-- jpt

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