Obama Disses Trial Lawyers

In a campaign appearance in Newton, Iowa, on Sunday, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., talked about as a community organizer, civil rights attorney and public official, he has always been committed to bringing about change. That was always more important to him than just making money, he said. "That's why I didn't become a trial lawyer," he added, in a remark the Washington Post interpreted as a dig at multimillionaire trial attorney, and former North Carolina senator, John Edwards.The comment has not endeared Mr.. Obama to the left-wing blogosphere.Said Kos: "I am really starting to see Obama as someone who will rush to embrace every right-wing talking point against every Democratic constituencies." Added Atrios: "Is there a right wing talking point Obama hasn't rushed to embrace? Going after trial lawyers? Jeebus." And on and on.Hmmm.- jpt

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