Pelosi: Republicans 'Like' the War in Iraq

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is drawing heat for suggesting her political opponents are fond of the war in Iraq.

"The grassroots are justifiably disappointed and I am too that we could not do something to end this war," Pelosi said at a press conference today. "The assumption that I made that the Republicans would soon see the light and listen to their constituents was not an accurate one."

She continued:  "They like this war.  They want this war to continue.  We thought that they shared the view of so many people in our country that we need a new direction in Iraq.  To affect that we need redeployment of our troops with a goal of a year to do that. But the Republicans have made it very clear that this is just not George Bush's war, this is the war of the Republicans in Congress."

Asked to clarify her use of the word "like," Pelosi backed off her statement of moments before."When I say 'like,'  I shouldn't say they 'like' the war.   They support the war, the course of action that  the president is on and they are not questioning in terms of his implementation of the war, the execution of the war."

In a statement, House Minority Leader, R-Ohio, refrained from attacking Pelosi personally (as the National Republican Congressional Committee is doing) and said, "Republicans and a few brave Democrats have stood on principle to protect current and future generations of Americans, whether it polled well or not.  The success our troops are having in Iraq today is proof positive that our stance was the right one."

- jpt

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