Quiz: Talking Tuff on Illegal Immigration

Former White House advisers -- Matthew Dowd who worked for President Bush, and Lanny Davis who worked for President Clinton -- talked with us about how Rudy Giuliani is handling his health care crisis. Read more about that HERE.

Yesterday here in Iowa a woman whose daughter had been killed by an illegal immigrant driving drunk asked a presidential candidate about the issue.

The candidate's response was quite interesting, complete with a push that rounding up 12-to-14 million illegals and deporting them "sounds good" but would be difficult to implement.

"Here's what I would do," said the candidate, "I think we've got to fix our borders. I've been voting for that and saying that for several years. We have to have a tougher border security program, we have to have more technology and personnel along the boarder. We have to know who is coming into our country and keep track of them and keep out people who shouldn't be coming in."

The candidate continued: "Secondly, people would not come to this county if they didn't think there would be a job waiting for them. So our employers have to have much tougher penalties and sanctions if they employ people who are here illegally. Because the only way we will convince people not to come is if they know it will be very, very hard to get a job and I think we've got to increase the fines and the sanctions so that it really does cost employers a lot if they hire people who don't have the proper documentation.   

"Thirdly, you know, there are lots of problems that communities like Tipton have to end up paying for because the federal government has failed --education costs and health care costs and law enforcement costs. So I think the federal government, its their failure, for the costs of illegal immigration.

"Number four, when I'm president I'm going to see what I can do to get all of those countries to our South, all the leaders to create more jobs for their people – people would not leave their families, they would not leave their villages if they thought they had a decent shot at a better life...

"But finally -- and this is the big problem everybody gets all tangled up with -- what do we do with the people who are already here? We have estimates from 12-to-14 million people who are here illegally...

"Now, some people say, 'OK round everybody up and deport them.' That sounds really good. I hear that on TV, I hear it on the radio. But let me ask you how that actually works. You see, I don't want to tell you something that sounds good and then have you wake up later and say, 'Wait a minute --nobody said it was going to cost that much or be that hard.'

"The best estimates I have are that if we even tried to round up 12-to-14 million people it would cost at least 200 billion dollars, it would take tens of thousands of new federal law enforcement officials. It would take a convoy of 200,000 buses stretching 1,700 miles and it would take a lot of invasion of your privacy rights. Because if we were serious about rounding everybody up and they would have to knock on every door of every business and every home throughout  Iowa and throughout America. I think Americans would stand for that for about a nanosecond."

Continued the candidate: "I think we have to tell these folks to come out of the shadows and register every single one of them. If they committed a crime in the country they came from or in this country we have to deport them immediately, no questions asked, no legal process – you  put them on a plane you send 'em back to where they came from. "

But, the candidate continued, "if they have been here working, if they have not gotten into trouble, then I think we have to be really hard and say, 'Look you came here illegally and here's what you have to do if you expect to stay. …You have to pay back taxes and I mean all back taxes,...you have to pay a fine, you have to try to learn English, and you have to wait in line, and you may have to wait in line for 10, 12, 15 years. You have to stay out of trouble. You have to be productive. And at the end of that period you could be eligible to be a citizen."

So take a guess? Who was this candidate? Answer will be posted later today.

-- jpt

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