Bill: Hillary's Tougher than Mandela and Rabin

I know former President Bill Clinton's frustrated that Iowa (and soon New Hampshire) voters aren't seeing in his wife what he sees, but some of his vouching is taking on a rather overstated tone. Just a few days ago, in Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, the former president said, "I have been blessed in my life to know some of the greatest figures of the last hundred years. Because of what you did. You, you gave me the chance to be president. You voted for me twice here, and I'm very grateful. "I go to Nelson Mandela's birthday party every year and we're still very close. I believe if Yitzhak Rabin had not been murdered in 1995 we would have peace in the Middle East. I loved him as much as anyone I've ever known. "But if you said to me today, 'I'm gonna give you one last job for your country  -- go and do this -- but it's hazardous and you may not get out with life and limb intact and you have to do it alone except I'll let you take one other person,' and I had to pick one person whom I knew who would never blink, who would never turn back, who would make great decisions under pressure and would never forget what the purpose of being there was, I would pick Hillary of the people I've known and I would never even think about it. It would be an easy choice." Listen to the former POTUS HERE. (The audio is not great, but it works with the transcript.) High praise. Because Mandela and Rabin are/were some pretty tough dudes. 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, was incarcerated at Robben Island Prison, off Cape Town, from 1964 until 1982, and at Pollsmoor Prison until 1980.  Under the command of 1994 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli Defense Forces won the Six Day War against Egypt, Syria and Jordan in 1967. -- jpt

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