Romney's Fishy Delegate Claim

Why is the former Massachusetts governor telling folks that he leads in delegates?

In Boston today, Romney told supporters, "we have more delegates than any other Republican candidate running for president."

Here's the ABC News GOP Delegate Estimate:

Huckabee - 31Romney - 19McCain - 7Thompson - 3Hunter - 1Giuliani - 0Paul - 0

According to my pal, ABC News' John Berman, the count the Romney folks have is:

Romney - 15McCain - 12Thompson - 3Huckabee - 2Hunter - 1Giuliani - 0Paul - 0

Explains Berman, "the way they are doing this is by simply not counting Iowa. They say that Iowa's delegates are not technically committed through the caucus process, and so, instead of extrapolating how the delegates would be apportioned (which is what media, such as ABC News and the Associated Press, do) they just pretend like Iowa did not happen."

I hope Mr. Romney was better with the numbers when he was at Bain.

-- jpt

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