Slime-Time Begins Against McCain

Eight years ago, then-Gov. George W. Bush and his allies dragged Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and his family through the mud as their competed in the South Carolina GOP primary.

It's starting again...

An anti-McCain flier has been mailed to the voters of this state, seeking to undercut his military record. From a mysterious group called  "Vietnam Veterans Against McCain."

On side one (see it HERE), an unflattering cartoon of the senator as a Vietnam War POW. The sign to his cell reads: "McCain Headquarters," with political signs tossed on the floor reading: "McCain: I'm a Hero" and "McCain: Elect Me" Graffiti on the cell walls read: "Hanoi Hilton," "Songbird" and "An Enormous Crime, the POWs I Helped Leave Behind," "Elect Me, elect me, elect me, "POW for President," "The Rabbit Hurt Me, the Cat Broke Me, But Bui Tin Loved Me."

Pretty nasty stuff.

The other side of the flier (read it HERE) assails McCain's record as a pilot, and says "For years McCain has been an unchecked master at manipulating an overly friendly and biased news media. The former POW turned Congressman, turned US Senator has managed to gloss over his failures as a pilot and his collaborations with the enemy to become America's POW hero presidential candidate."

McCain ally and former POW Orson Swindle slammed the allegations, saying that while "the group claims that John McCain turned his back on his fellow POWs in order to save his own skin...Nothing could be further from the truth. I know because I was there.

"The truth is, the North Vietnamese offered John McCain early release, and he refused. He stuck to the time honored military code of first-in, first-out, and stood by his fellow POWs until the end -- even at the risk of his own life as he was severely injured..."

It goes on from there.

Things get nasty in South Carolina.

- jpt

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