You Bought a Car Because it Belonged to Jon Voight?

His national poll numbers are sinking, senior staffers are forgoing salaries for the month of January, and a poll released today of Republicans in the state where he's banking his hopes -- Florida -- has him deadlocked in a four-way tie. BUT -- we learn today --  at least former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani can brag today that he has the endorsement of Jon Voight, star of the sublime (and X-rated) "Midnight Cowboy," the stellar "Deliverance," and the craptastic "Anaconda."  (None of which are mentioned in the press release, below.) (At least, unlike with the LeBaron that George Costanza bought, this is the actual Jon Voight.)This is an actual press release: Academy Award-Winning Actor Jon Voight Endorses Mayor GiulianiNew York City – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced that accomplished actor Jon Voight has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President of the United States and will campaign on his behalf in both Florida and California later this month.Voight, who earned both an Oscar and Golden Globe for his role as a quadriplegic Vietnam Veteran in the 1978 movie “Coming Home” and numerous nominations for other roles, has been a powerful presence on the silver screen for almost four decades.“America is approaching one of its most important elections in history and we must elect a leader with the strength and resolve of Rudy Giuliani,” said Voight. “His commitment to keeping our military strong and his track record of transforming New York makes him the right man at the right time for our country.”“I am honored to have Jon Voight’s help on the campaign trail,” said Mayor Giuliani. “Our shared vision of maintaining America’s strength and providing the focus for the challenges we face is one that is shared by countless others who are supporting our campaign.”About Jon Voight:A native of Yonkers, New York, Voight is a graduate of Catholic University in Washington, D.C.  Voight is also a veteran of the Army reserves, and advocates maintaining peace through strength.A veteran of the stage as well as television and the silver screen, Voight worked with fellow Giuliani endorser Robert Duvall in Arthur Miller’s “View From The Bridge” in 1965.  Among Voight’s many films include “Conrack,” “Coming Home,” “The Champ,” “Heat,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Pearl Harbor,” and “Ali,” for which Voight was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his portrayal of legendary sports commentator Howard Cosell.  Voight’s next film, “Pride and Glory,” comes out in March.  In it, Voight plays the patriarch of a family of police officers that is torn apart when one son is forced to investigate another.Giving back to society has long been a priority for Voight, having volunteered countless hours and contributing resources to numerous charities and civil rights causes both in the United States and abroad.-- jpt

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