A Poi Choice of Words

I missed this story when it first happened.

Apparently before the Hawaii caucus, Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii -- a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY -- assailed the Honolulu private school, the Punahou School, attended by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, in an attempted to paint Obama as a rich elitist.

In an interview with The Honolulu Advertiser before the caucuses, Inouye said: "If you ask the people in Hawai'i what they know about Barack Obama, I think the honest answer is, 'Very little.' He went to school in Hawai'i but he went to Punahou, and that was not a school for the impoverished….to suggest that Punahou maybe set his life plan in place, I find it very interesting," said Inouye, who attended public school.

Obama responded in an interview with KITV: "Shame on Danny for trying to pull that stunt. I went to Punahou on a scholarship. I was raised by a single mom and my grandmother."

Inouye has apologized to Punahou President James Scott and he sent a copy of the letter along with a note to Obama.

''It was just a misstatement,'' said an Inouye spokesperson. ''It was never the intent to disparage Punahou in any way. It is without a doubt one of the finest schools in our nation.''

- jpt

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