Bill Clinton: "If You Elect Me" (I'm Speaking as Her)

For a natural-born politician such as former President Bill Clinton, it may be tough to spend so much time talking about someone else.For that reason, he has assumed an interesting way of speaking from the stump whilst campaigning for his wife.He precedes a pitch by saying something along the lines of "This is what my wife says" and then he launches full-throttle into the pitch.It can get confusing if you tune out for a second.

Today in Portsmouth, Ohio, he said, "So Hillary says, in 2005, the United States Congress adopted the Bush-Cheney energy bill, which gave $27 billion in subsidies to nuclear, oil, and gas and coal. The only thing that was justified was clean coal, because countries are going to be using that. We have to figure out how to take the carbon dioxide out of it. The rest of it is waste. If you elect me, I'll repeal those subsidies. And put them into a strategic energy fund that will create American jobs for America's future with clean energy."

Watch the VIDEO HERE.If you coughed and missed the "Hillary says" in that sentence you might be surprised when he reaches the "if you elect me" part of the pitch more than 60 words later. Because after all he's not running for anything. Right?- jpt

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