Clinton Campaign Sets Up Website to Push to Change the Rules

This morning brings the news that the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, has launched a new website where they are announcing how they are officially preparing to make the case that the rules of the Democratic nomination process should be changed.

Among many "facts" they declare are some accurate ones, such as the idea that superdelegates, which in true nomenclatural dexterity they now term "automatic delegates" "are expected to exercise their best judgment in the interests of the nation and the Democratic Party."

But then comes this juicy non-fact:

"FACT: Florida and Michigan should count, both in the interest of fundamental fairness and honoring the spirit of the Democrats' 50-state strategy."

That's not a fact, that's an opinion.

And it's clear evidence (not that there was any mystery about it) that the Clinton campaign is trying to change the rules in the middle of the game.

Clinton's own senior adviser, Harold Ickes, voted as a member of the DNC committee to not recognize these two state delegations because they violated the rules of the primary scheduling process. Now as a Clinton campaign representative he's making the case that they should count.

The Obama people deserve to be tweaked for suggesting that the superdelegates should follow the lead of the regular delegates -- that's not what the rules dictate, either.

But there's a difference between pressuring/lobbying/strongly suggesting that superdelegates follow the will of regular delegates -- that ultimately will be decided by each individual superdelegate -- and trying to change the rules of the nominating process.

The Clinton camp is now calling 2208 "the number required for a candidate to secure the nomination with Florida and Michigan included."

But that's not the number.

According to the DNC, the number is 2025. And Florida and Michigan don’t get included.

The three chairs of the Democratic Convention Credentials Committee, which will decide this Michigan and Florida morass, all worked in the administration of Bill Clinton: Former Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman, Social Security Administration associate commissioner James Roosevelt Jr., and White House travel consultant Eliseo Roques-Arroyo, as noted yesterday by the Washington Times.

More and more, this reminds me of the Florida recount.

Don't like the rules? Change the rules.

Count every vote -- except the ones for the other guy.

- jpt

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