Hillary Talks Up the 'Dream Ticket'

Sen. Hillary Clinton was interviewed on the Tavis Smiley Show and guess what -- she's talking up the Clinton/Obama "dream ticket."

Doing that allows her to convey to voters that maybe they don't have to choose between her and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. Maybe they can have them both!

“I think last night on the stage seeing the two of us was just so exciting for so many people,” she tells Smiley. “I can’t tell you how many calls and e-mails I’ve gotten from people who never cared about politics that much but they are just thrilled at that.”

Clips from the show will be available HERE.

Clinton supporters are playing up this "dream ticket."  Obama supporters are not.

Make no mistake -- the smiles, hugs, and chivalry on display for voters last night belie an intense dislike the two candidates have for one another.

Obama resents the race-baiting campaigning the Clintons have engaged in.

The Clintons see Obama as standing in her way, and belittling their legacy.

Enemies have joined together before -- witness JFK and VP LBJ.

But, as Donna Brazile says, this isn't a dream ticket -- it's a fantasy ticket.

"There is blood on the ground," Brazile says.

We're taking a look at this tonight on World News with Charles Gibson.

-- jpt

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